The Despondency

I was most often then not always bogged down with fear and insecurity; Fear of failure and insecurity of my image perception. I would imagine a lost battle even before I would plan my battle. I had preferred living in other’s shadow than make a mark. Hence, I could neither claim any achievements nor give myself the boost to strive out of my comfort zone. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams. I have majestically gigantic ones which I wish one day I would own them all. But, (oh! how I hate this word) I only ended up coming up with the most extravagant excuses to procrastinate.

The Answer

The solution lies around the question ‘why?’. Why do you wish to realise your dreams? Why are you trying to get out of your comfort zone? Why is there a necessity to make your own mark? These answers will guide you to a motive so strong, neither any excuse nor fear and insecurity will obstruct you. However to begin you need to take a leap of faith, which is to say believe in yourself (yep that’s the leap of faith). Trust that the Force (star wars) will guide you to your destiny. Start small and pave way to big success in increasing steps.

Words of Encouragement