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Book by Ayushi Kapadia

She sat by the window lost in though. Her pen lay between pages of her open diary waiting to write. Her feelings, her emotions longed to be expressed. Sneaky words, tricksters as they are, evaded her completely.

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Muddy Shoes

Muddy Shoes painted by Shaila Shah
Muddy Shoes painted by Shaila Shah

Panting slightly, I walked in the coffee shop. My rain-water soaked sneakers making pug-marks as I trudged in.  Profuse rains had strived real hard to put an end to most people’s work-day. Not mine.

I smirked as I collected my cup of brewing hot coffee from the server and made way towards a window seating overlooking the otherwise crowded street, now, devoid of any signs of life. Yes, the shrewd rains made very sure of that.

I put the coffee on the low level four legged wooden table and unzipped my waterproof bag to pull out my DSLR. Not caring about the mud-water marks my red canvas were making, I put my legs on the table as I reclined a little on my chair. I checked out, with immense pride, every photograph clicked today. Each one better than my best ever click. On your face, rains. Ha! Try harder next time.

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Tiger photographed by Ayush Singh
Tiger photographed by Ayush Singh

Ferocity is timid in juxtaposition to thee.
Thou walkest the earth with flair of majesty.
Goddess Agni, herself paints thy stripes,
God of thunders lends you his roar.

But O you poor poor soul! How I pity thee!
For mankind from fear and hypocritical pride
Has slaughtered thy soul as if uncorking red wine.

Yet, thou keeps up thy vanity despite thy falling numbers.
Thou never stoops despite the atrocities committed.

O artless smoulder, forgive my humanity!

Tiger photographed by Ayush Singh (Ayush Singh Photography)

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Gorilla Photograph by Ayush Singh
Gorilla Photographed by Ayush Singh

Pride held high on his face, our burly cousin knuckle-walked into the arena.

Bloodshot eyes looked fiercely into the eyes of his predators, as the Kong raised himself on his legs.

With a deafening uproar, he pounded his chest as the metal weapons were raised.

Life left his eyes, but valour did not.

Photographed by Ayush Singh (Ayush Singh Photography)