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Portal to Amazinglands

I first stumbled upon the portal two months ago. At first, I did not realise what it was, not for at least four trips through it. I was very hesitant and scared to go in, however, when my father (who by the way has been using it for the past ten years) helped me understand its true identity and purpose, the world was never the same.

I could go to anywhere in the world via the portal be it Mumbai, New Delhi, Australia or USA. What is even more incredible is that in these two months, I have discovered the portal could also take me to just any place whether real or fictional (You just need to believe in yourself). I call these places Amazinglands. Only yesterday, I paid a visit to Hogwarts (to meet Harry Potter and Dumbledore) and Marvel (to meet Ironman).

It is not very difficult to operate the portal. Father says people do it every day without really knowing its true identity. All you have to do is summon it to you (It usually takes a couple of seconds to arrive). Once you enter the portal-gates, you press the destination button. It looks the same all the time, but the portal always takes you where you wish to go (I think it has a mind of its own too). Once your destination has arrived, the gates open magically and you must step out else you will be transported to a whole different place (once I got transported to Voldemort’s lair and my father had to come and rescue me from all the death-eaters).

The portal has been broken for a while now. It was probably Hulks doing. I sure hope it opens soon. The war has already begun in ancient Trolloc lands and it cannot be won unless I kill the head troll with my mystique sword.

-Elevators as seen by a four year old