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NaNoWriMo Participation

Grew up I, not just reading, but creating fictional stories.

But am I a writer? Hell no. The title is too overwhelming.

Procrastination, perfection and excuses were always at my service.

To those I knew to write, I showed envy not emulation.

For years 9, I did sit on a novel idea. My perfect book!

Grows time older, work harder and routine more mundane.

Need to be a writer grows to passion, come October 2017,

Decision is made; NaNoWriMo is my gateway to life.

No preparations done, its exciting as I indulge to write 50000 words.

Support groups and new friends found who embark upon this journey together.

Come November, I set up a daily early morning ritual,

A totem, a laptop, hordes of paper and pens and I begin.

Challenging 1667 daily word count is,

But Perseverance and habit, I know, will get me to my goal.

Tiny sprints of writing creative every morning is now my lifetime ambition.

So now I ask myself again. Am I a writer? Bloody hell yes!

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Elevator or Stairs? 

Our lives ahead steadily unfold one moment at a time. Our past decisions are what make us today, and likewise our present decisions would thus define our future. As Sherlock Holmes very aptly says “Tiniest of details are in fact the most important ones”, smallest of everyday decisions are the basis of what lies ahead for us tomorrow. And our everyday decisions can be boiled down one argument: Elevator or Staircase?

Let me elaborate my theory. Elevator represents the easy, quick and comfortable solutions whereas Staircase represents the difficult, time consuming and uncomfortable answers. So what should we choose? The elevatorsolutions will solve our problems at our convenience without much discomfort to our lives (or so it may seem). On the other hand the staircase solution will help increase our stamina and tolerance limit in the long run (again or so it may seem).

However, life isn’t a black or white. Neither are our decisions so straightforward. So the question that remains is what shade of grey should our decision be? Should we climb a few stairs and take the elevator to remaining floors or should we take the elevator first and climb the last few flights of stairs.

Wisdom thus lies in choosing the shade of grey eventually.