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Oat cookies by For Goodness Cake
Oat cookies by For Goodness Cake

Once there lived a boy, mischievous and joyful,

Curiosity overpowered his fear for a living.

Sometimes they would lead to bountiful discoveries

Other times lead them to deep deep trouble.


When troubles would haunt him,

Run to his mother he would.

For she always knew the magic spell

That would push his troubles far far away.


What was that magic spell?

Cookies – freshly baked with love of course.

Nothing could bother him

As he munched on the warm and crisp biscuits.


Today, long forgotten is the carefree childhood.

His day begins with heavy tensions of what may happen.

His day progresses with pressures of pleasing bosses.

As night befalls, anxiety for the following day creeps in.


Mother sends him his favourite cookies routinely,

However, they lie stacked in the most ignored corner of his room.

If only he would nibble them, he would be transported,

Back to the days where was life celebrated.


If only…..

Poem written for the oat cookies by For Goodness Cake (

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Foccacia Bread

Foccacia Bread


The herbed Italiano has a history in ‘baking’. Considered as an early prototype of pizza by some, this yeasted flat bread comes in various names and flavours all around the world. Foccacia bread is one the silent players who doesn’t go bonkers in making its presence felt but without which no meal is complete.


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A histrionic Invention !!


A ravenous sweet tooth once sat in deep thought.
“I love my flavours, I love my cake!”
Every chef she approached every book she sought,
None of them gave her a recipe she could make.

Her worry was as simple as a bee,
She wanted to a cake of every flavour bake,
However, too much quantity, too much money,
Too much effort it all required to make.

“Aah!” Gasped the bulb of idea light,
She couldn’t believe she was dreaming in the wake,
Rushed to bakery, in absolute delight,
For this is how she invented flavoured cupcake !!

The following is a poetry written for cupcakes baked by ForGoodnessCake (