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Foccacia Bread

Foccacia Bread


The herbed Italiano has a history in ‘baking’. Considered as an early prototype of pizza by some, this yeasted flat bread comes in various names and flavours all around the world. Foccacia bread is one the silent players who doesn’t go bonkers in making its presence felt but without which no meal is complete.


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Self – Enlightenment Poem

Trembling, they reach the end of the last one
Chill runs down as cold sweat.
Eyes widen as realization dawns
This was the last bet.

Oh dear lord, what do i do ?
For Green paper and gadgets are a greater me.
Such intense was my stress
Little did i realize, I was finally free.

Inwardly, i traced back my steps
As hard as i could.  i thought.
Memory it seems has eluded me
And fate has left me to rot.

I walked back from where i started
I hope i get a clue.
As the feeling begun settling in
My heart took another view.

Existential crisis engulfs
I wonder my purpose of being.
Everything exists for a reason
Surely i was born to do something.

As though a hammer hit my head,
I figured.
Should i be finding my phone or my passion
The thought lingered.

Technology isnt enhancing my purpose
It instead is ensnaring it.
No more !! I tell myself
The bulb over my head finally lit.

I stop in my tracks
and choose to walk on.
The path of self discovery lay before me
I now walk my passion lawn.